Hypar for Generative Design by Andrew Heumann

This event will cover both an overview of the Hypar platform as well as teach the basics of developing new functions on Hypar in C# and Grasshopper. If you would like to follow along, please do the fo...

How to pyRevit by Ehsan

Python is simple. Revit is powerful. This talk explores the power of scripting for Revit, specifically in python, and the vast amount of power that is hidden under the Revit’s user interface that coul...

Selection Tool for pyRevit & revitron by Yushi Kato

#TokyoAECIndustryDevGroup Saturday, October 24, 2020 Revit 2020.2.3 バージョンまでそろえる必要はありません。 Revitのサンプルファイルで作業予定です。 pyRevit Githubを参照ください。 Revit Python Shell Githubを参照ください。 Revit Lookup Githubを参照ください。 詳細は...

RhinoInside Revit by Yuko Ishizu

#TokyoAECIndustryDevGroup Wednesday, October 21, 2020 PC environment Windows 10 Revit2020 RhinoBeta Plugins to use RhinoInsideRevit Elefront  HumanUI Pufferfish

【Dynamo for Revit】 Concrete Quantification by Yuichi Abe

#TokyoAECIndustryDevGroup Saturday, September 19, 2020

RhinoIside.Revit C# in Grasshopper by Yuko Ishizu

#TokyoAECIndustryDevGroup Saturday, August 8, 2020